Friday, May 22, 2009

New Glasses

I have been needing to get new glasses for a bit now and as I no longer have insurance I needed to find some place cheaper to get my eyes checked. I found a Binyons coupon in the paper, an eye exam for $50. Cool!! It said no appointment necessary so I did a walk in and was seen about 15 minutes later. The staff were all very nice and helpful. Do not be afraid of the buzzing gray box they attach to your arm! I repeat do not be afraid, it's just taking your blood pressure! Dr. Steven Kopp was very friendly and efficient. He also had very clean fingers, they all did. A very important thing to know when people are dealing with your face!

I was going to get new frames there as well, the current ones were never my favorites and hey they were having a sale, but they were all designer. My abnormally large head and check book could not find anything that we liked there. Then I went to Costco, while our past experience with their optometrist was not good their frames selection was much more to my liking and they were much cheaper! The staff was friendly and the service was fast.

So, if you find your self in need of eye wear, Binyons and Doctor Steven Kopp for your prescription and Costco for cheaper frames!

Think, think......
"Wow, the frames look really red in this picture! If you ever meet me in person ask to see the inside of my frames, it's my favorite part!!
Ignore the very large and shiny forehead, why do I always try and put my bangs back, why?! "=)