Thursday, May 28, 2009

Deep Breath

I am 22 years old and do not have my drivers license. I'll wait a minute while all y'all gasp in shock............finished? Okay, well I have some good reasons but mostly it was being to cheap to pay over $50 a month for doing something I hate and was afraid(yes afraid!) of doing. I have been meaning to get it ever since I turned 18 or 19, but I, I'll think of it tomorrow after all tomorrow is another dayed! myself for three years now.

The last and final hurdle holding me back? Calling the DMV! I know that for most of you that is the easy part, but me? I can answer the phone just fine, well okay maybe not just fine. I sound like a dweeb, but I don't mind. It's just how I sound on the phone and I'm okay with it now. But calling people! Especially an entity like the DMV! I have been dreading it for 2 months now, I finally called today after doing all of the other things on my mental list of things to get done today, I even folded fitted sheets, yep fitted sheets! If you have ever had to do that you'll now how much I didn't want to call the DMV.

I finally shlumped over to the phone book and hauled it off the desk like it weighed a ton, and flopped it open. Hmmmmm, where would I find the phone number for the DMV? I looked in the white pages and all of the places I could think of in the yellow pages, happily delaying the inevitable!

I got done thumbing through the phone book and crept downstairs hoping that my dad was on the computer, alas he was not! I look up their website and hope hits me like a mac truck. Hey! You can do everything online, maybe I could sign up for my test online! You can't I discovered after vainly checking all the promising looking links. So, I went to the info page and got the number and shot back upstairs for I knew that if I delayed much longer I was going to pull another Scarlett O'Hara!

I sat down on my bed took a couple of very deeeeeeep, loooooooong, slooooooooow breaths and dialed the number. Maybe I'll get an answering machine I thought, but before I had even finished the thought a faintly Brooklyn sounding voice said,"Hello?" Akkkkkk!!

"Um, I'd like to make an appointment to take my driving test......

It went pretty typical from there, nothing crazy or outlandish, it was rather fun listening to her talk though. I wonder if she is from Brooklyn? Now for the easy part! I'm not nervous about the driving test at all, well maybe a little bit. What if I get the driving instructor test person thing from the black lagoon?! Be praying for me on June 10!