Monday, May 4, 2009

My Way or the Highway?

Is there really only one right way to do anything? Or does the old saying there's more then one way to skin a cat hold true for the other things in life(besides skinning cats that is!) My Mom would tell you yes there is only one way to do most things, but I'm not so sure. I've been raised conservatively, not as sheltered as some and not as in the world as others and some of it by choice. I had always been told that I could start dating at 16, but didn't you date to find husband? I didn't want to get married at 16! I was going to wait until I was ready to get married(This was before my family decided that we would court and homeschool and all that jazz)

I've been raised that there is really only one way that God tells us to do most things, and that we should try our hardest by word and example to make people see it our way. Is there really only one way that God tells us to date, raise our kids, worship, and all of the other things that we fight and divide ourselves over? No! I don't think so, God has called me to make some unconventional life choices, but as long as you let me live the life God has laid out for me, your welcome to your own opinions.

There are obviously guide lines laid out in the Bible for all these things and we should strive to find out what God is telling us to do. As for things that the Bible isn't specific on? Like kids church, my family doesn't put the kids in Sunday school during church(if you would like more info on why, contact me!)but I still love to help out in kids church and may put my own kids in. A lot depends on what my husband has to say about the issue.

Call me a people pleaser and PC but God calls us all to walk our own road and as long as you are following Gods will and seeking guidance in His word for the things He does tell us to do I don't see a problem in doing things differently! That's part of what makes this world a wild-wonderful-exciting-beautiful place to live, wouldn't it be boring if we all did everything exactly that same?

I would like to say once again though, that there are things that God tells us to do a specific way and that we should never compromise on. Just to make it clear I'm not starting a free love, do whatever makes you happy type group or anything!=)

Feel free to share your thoughts or tell me I'm wrong, I always like to know when I'm way off base!