Thursday, May 7, 2009

He Will Teach My Heart to Sing

I love to sing, or at least I love the idea of singing! For whatever reason I was not blessed with the ability to sing well. Oh, I can make noise, but that's the kindest thing you could call it(or so I've been told!) And no matter what a dear friend of mine said recently the only difference between someone who can sing and someone who can't is not just training!

Growing up in church I thought that worship was singing and that singing was worship, that's all I'd ever heard about the subject. I was pretty much miserable, like I was lacking in some way. It wasn't until we joined the church that we are in now that I started to learn something. Worship is not just the part of church where you sing! Worshiping is giving glory to God and you can accomplish this through singing, but it's not the only way.

God doesn't care what I sound like! I could set the dogs to howling everytime I open my mouth and God will still love to listen if I'm lifting my voice in His name. I still sing quietly all the same, God doesn't care, but the people around me might!

Praise Him through prayer, serving Him and living your life according to His plan. These are all ways of worshiping the Lord.
Ecclesiastes 9:10a Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might
Colossians 3:17a And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus

I love the second verse, whatever you do in word or deed do all in the name of Jesus. What a task we've been given, what a noble quest! To bring glory to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! As christians no matter what we are doing, it will reflect on His name. Give that a thought and tell me it doesn't send shivers up your spine! So, whether we are serving in kids church, fighting with our siblings, helping out at a homeless shelter or saying that bad word it all reflects on the name of Jesus. What king of "fame" are you bringing to Gods name?