Monday, November 7, 2011

Day Two~Black and Brown

If you want to join in the fun or see the rest of the wonderful fall outfits, click on the picture of the pretty yellow skirt to the left of your screen! =)

Today's challenge? Wear two colors that don't "go" together!

This one was difficult for me, maybe I just have an odd sense of color, but most colors go together for me! So, I chose a color combo that while gaining popularity is still not fully accepted! Plus, I am still slowly introducing black into my wardrobe now having figured out how to wear it without looking like the wait staff! =)

 Cardi: Target, Tank: Wal-Mart, Skirt: Made by me, Boots: Naturalizer, Tights: Wal-Mart

 I was trying to make a kilt, but I failed to buy enough fabric (Pleats really eat up your fabric, so if you ever plan on making something pleated just've been warned!), so it's only pleated 2/3 of the way around!

Hair flower: Joann's, Earrings: Gabrielle Atelier, Necklace; B-Day gift