Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Welcome to NaNoWriMo 2011!!!

Welcome to the insanity that is NaNoWriMo! Posting here will be erratic at best (except for Ashley's fashion week!) so I will leave you with this.....an excerpt from this years attempt! My user name is LadyKatySue if you'd like to follow along on the NaNoWriMo website! =)
"Teddy!!!!!" Isabelle gasped as she ripped the flyer for her new cooking class out of the box, "What happened, where is the flyer I wrote up?!"

Teddy casually shrugged and took the flyer Isabelle had shoved in his face. "Ah, come on Belles, I just jazzed it up a bit; you know, to get people interested!"

Isabelle could barely speak, "You wanted to get people interested?! In what? I CAN NOT hand these out! What will your mother say? What will MY Mother say...."

She sank down onto the nearest chair, sighing. Teddy grinned and grabbing the box of flyers, sitting down next to Isabelle.

“Come on, you’re flyer was…..well, boring for lack of a better term. These will get way more notice. Nobody will think you’re actually teaching a class in…..”

Isabelle grabbed a flyer and read it aloud. “Bored? Feeling restless? Looking for a way to heat up your summer vacation? Come to an brand new class from Serviette Catering and you’ll learn an exciting new hobby that will really “heat” things up this summer. Let the lovely Isabelle guide you and in three easy classes you could be Makin’ Whoopie like a pro! Call 555-1234 to reserve your a spot today!"

Isabelle rolled her eyes, it sounded even worse outloud! "Really? I’m pretty sure  I know exactly what they’ll think! I’m letting you answer the phone for the next few weeks. You can deal with all the perverts that call in!”

Teddy chuckled and picked up a stack of flyers, “I’ll take this half and you take the other half….” Teddy froze mid-sentence.

Isabelle looked up and sighed, “What now? You want to rent matching French maid costumes or something? Hello, earth to Teddy?” Isabelle waved a hand in front of teddy's oddly his pale face and followed his gaze down into the flyer box and she saw what had made his face blanch.

The next paper in the box was a color copy of a man’s hand, with the words help me and the numbers 453 written messily in black ink on the palm.