Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's Fall Premeir Season!

The new fall TV line up premiered along with my old, I may have been spending a LOT more time watching TV then I should be.....hey, fall premiere season only comes once a year!
I am picky about what I watch, but I would still cation you to look up these shows before watching them and read some reviews. What's okay for me may not be okay for someone else and vice versa!

First, my old favorites!

Love this show, it's one of the reasons I've started writing my own mystery series! For those of you who watch it, wasn't Kate's hair better short like in this picture?

I started watching this because it came out right after I finished Lost and I was missing my Lost buddies and lo and behold there was Jin, with an American accent, it was pretty trippy let me tell you!! Terry O'Quinn (John Locke) from Lost has a reoccurring roll this season, it's neat seeing Jin and John together again!

Lassie is my favorite, followed closely by Shawn himself! I have to say last weeks episode, Last Night Gus, is my favorite episode of the whole show! It is so quintessentially Psych and it was nice seeing Lassie break loose!

That's it for my old favorites, onto the new premiers! =)

Look!! It's my favorite character of all time from Lost, Ben! I hope it lasts, because it's very good! Hmm, I seem to be drawn towards cop/mystery series!

Raoul from Phantom of the Opera and Elizabeth from the 1995 Pride and Prejudice? How could I NOT check this one out? It's addicting and I think one of the major factors is I CAN NOT believe that the handsome leading man is the wimpy long haired guy Christine mistakenly went for in Phantom of the Opera!

I read in an magazine that this show should be renamed The Lost Avatar Jurassic....and though I like the show and am slightly offended at the dig of what is in my opinion an excellent show, I honestly have to admit to agreeing, it has components of all of those movies/shows!

Sooooo excited about this show and the first episode lived up to my expectations! How could a faerie tale themed show written by the guys who came up with Lost fail to make me giddy? =)

I was already OVERLOADED with TV shows I was trying to keep up with and wasn't going to start this one, worries about the content form some early reviews made me cautious! Then I heard from a couple places that it was good, so started it....I really shouldn't have, because now it's one more show I'm trying to fit in.....I love the relationship between the sisters and Christina Ricci has been a favorite of mine ever since she was in Penelope(My favorite movie!)

What are some fall premieres that YOU are excited about? =)