Friday, December 16, 2011


As a decidedly self admitted unclassy gal, I always lamented that lack of,well.....whatever it is that makes someone elegant and classy.

Maybe this.....
....will shed some light on that missing spark! I would like to feel elegant and classy, even if just for a fleeting moment! I'm not sure I would want to live there in the world of elegance and charm, I enjoy slouching, sitting cross legged on the floor, sprawling far to much and laughing (while snorting) at slightly inappropriate things, far to much to give them up entirely!

THIS FOR EXAMPLE, set me to tittering and snorting with the best of them!

Not that there's anything wrong with cute.....
(If you've ever seen the movie Horton hears a Who you will not only know who this is, but will have my personality in a nutshell!)

So, we shall see if this challenge helps me capture that elusive spark that has so far escaped my grasp!!