Monday, January 24, 2011

♥Wish List♥

A few of the things that hopefully will be gracing my closet soon!

~Kelly Green Trench~

That's right, I've found a kelly green trench coat! On eBay for $24.99, hopefully in 9 hours it will be mine! I saw one At WalMart last year and had it in my hands to buy, but put it back, saddest day ever!

Then I saw Samantha Brown (What?! You have no idea who Samantha Brown is? She is only the best travel show host ever!) wore a Kelly green trench coat on her Ireland trip, and as anyone who knows me knows, anything to do with Ireland has me hooked! I kicked my self to the curb for not getting the coat when I had the chance, they didn't have any more in my size, they had all the other sizes, but not mine. They sat there, no one buying them until they got to the $5 clearance rack, bummer! Keep your fingers crossed!

Have you ever almost bought something, then put it back only to beat yourself up about it later? Or am I just obsessive that way?

~Birthday Dress~

Peggy over at She Hath Done What She Could did a post featuring a dress from ehsatki. All I have to say is bye bye money! I can sew, but know after years of searching that I can 't find fabrics like that and have fallen in love with almost every dress on the site! Go and check it out, but only if you have have a large chunk of free time!

There is a custom fit feature for only $7.50 more. For those of us with um.....hard to fit figures (can anyone say top heavy?) This feature is very exciting! My birthday is in June, but it's never to early to start thinking about what to wear when I turn a quarter of a century! (Maybe a gorgeous dress will take some of the sting out of turning 25 and still being single!)

If I had something to do on Valentines day I would be ordering this dress right now, it is payday after all! But as my only plans so far are working form 7am-4pm I don't think I will be buying this dress! *sigh*

~White Sandals~
I refuse to spend another summer in white flip flops! But alas, I have yet to find a pair of white sandals that comes in wide and doesn't look orthopedic! I also will spend more then $25 on boots of winter shoes, but it galls me to spend so much on sandals! Hopefully these will fit the bill!