Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 3 and a teaser!

This is day three of the modest fashion event over at Natasha's Blog! 

Green Shirt- Jc Penny $11
Button Down-$15?
Skirt-Cold Water Creek $20
Boots- Naturalizer-$140
Brooch- Vintage Jewelry Swap!

I love brooches and as I have so many just sitting there waiting for prince charming to come along (like me!) I decided I would let some of them see the light of day!

One of the other girls showed us her mismatched socks and said she liked the touch of whimsy it added to an outfit. It made me smile, but rather then the good reason she had, I'm just lazy and don't pair the socks up when I put them away and get dressed in the dark!

Guess what post is coming tomorrow?!