Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I bought it on eee~Bay!

I loved this set of eBay commercials, does anyone else remember them?

Obviously they worked to some extent on me, because every few months I will go search for skirts and dresses in my size and bid on the ones I think are cute. After two years of doing this I have NEVER won any of the things I bid on.....until last December where I won everything I bid on! Luckily I had the money and I got some good and some not so good things! Obviously my version of XL (there's that pesky size again!) and some peoples are very different! 

$15 Old Navy Maternity dress. Who knew that Old Navy had a maternity line! It wasn't being billed as one, so sorry pregnant ladies out there that I bid against!

$10, Cold Water Creek Skirt. I shortened it considerably and put a new waistband in. The old one was all weird and stretched out and the skirt touched the floor. I love the trim, I'm far to lazy to add things like that to my clothes, so I was very happy when I won this skirt!

$16 Kohls Apt 9. This dress made me rethink my aversion to black in the summer! I normally avoid black; summer and winter, but within the past few months a few black pieces have crept into my wardrobe!  

$5 Shirt Apt 9 Kohls. I don't like it paired with this skirt, but I do love this shirt! 

$1.99 Kohls Apt 9. Another knit dress, I have found that I looove knit dresses! I'd never wanted to pay upwards of $30 for a dress made out of t-shirt material, so I hadn't tried any yet. I'm addicted now!

$8 Hannah Anderson plaid skirt. I'd been looking for a Christmas skirt to wear to things like the Nutcracker and the Christmas parade. I never got to wear it this year, but I'm super excited for next year! I feel so vintage in this outfit, not really any specific era, just vintage!

$2 Layne Bryant skirt. I love blue and white together and while it's a little less full at the top then I'm used to, I love the way it swishes at the hem! This is another outfit with a vintage feel, but I am unable to pin point a specific era!

 $10 vintage dress. My first real vintage piece of clothing, will I get in trouble if I change it into a skirt? The sleeves are a bit tight and while it's not tight around my chest I just feel like I'm going to "bust" (sorry couldn't resist!) out of it! The fabric is very light and almost sheer cotton gauze. Isn't the detailing wonderful?

$20 North Style dress. I have stalked this dress for a few years now waiting for it to go on sale, it never got down low enough for me to want to risk trying it. This is another knit dress and the few wrap style dresses I've tried on never fit in the bust area so I didn't want to spend $40 on a dress that might not work!

 Lovely twirly skirt, I feel so 40's in this! I'm going to wear this for Easter and as Easter is not until the last Sunday of April I should be able to wear it without freezing!

Yes, another picture of this dress, can you tell what my favorite find was? As soon as I put the dress on I knew I had to pair these shoes with it!

One skirt I shortened and gave to my little sister and the rest got sent to Good Will, the rejects didn't total more then $25-$30, so I figured it all came out in the wash being that I got such good deals on everything! Now, if someone can direct me to an XL Kelly Green trench, my spring and summer wardrobe will be almost filled out! I just need to find a source for shirts that won't shrink!!