Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fashion Week! Days 1 and 2

Natasha over at A Modest Fashion Blog is having a fashion week, which really started yesterday! I had been seeing the banners forever about it staring on the 1st, but my brain never connected that that would mean we started on a Saturday and not Sunday! I got a picture of my outfit, but never did manage to post it, so days one and two will be combined!

~Day One~

This is what I wore the first day of Two Thousand Eleven (if you are one of those Twenty-Eleven folks, please refrain from talking abut the year in my presence, thank you!)

I am rather proud of the sweater. I love teal (as you will see this week!) and was very sad when all of my sweaters from JC Penny shrank and became to short! All of the shirts I bought from JC Penny last year shrank horribly, so far this winter the one sweater I bought on trial is holding up fine, but we shall see!

Any who, this sweater used to be a plain v-neck and after it shrunk I buried it in my bottom drawer. But after seeing Grosgrain's embellish your knits month I pulled out all of my old sweaters to see what I could come up with! I just followed her instructions for finishing the edges, I added a clasp and called it a brand new sweater! I am very happy with it, you will see the two other ones I've done later this week!
 Normal sweater turned cardigan- JC Penny $15
Polo- Jc Penny $6?
Skirt- Made by me 2 winters ago
Shoes- Wal-Mart Cowboy boots

~Day Two~

I promise I am not about to cry, it just looks like it! I took these pictures right after I was done drying my hair. Which involves 10-15 minutes of hanging my head upside down, so my face gets a little red! The things I will do for good hair!
Sweater- ShopKo $16?
Tank- JC Penny $3
Skirt- Made by me
Boots-Neutralizer $140
Pearls- Graduation Gift