Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Man of the House

I have always been very happy to be a girl. I never wanted to be the man of the house, it seemed like to much work! Being the soul supporter of a family, fixing all of the stuff that breaks. The man takes care of the things that you can't do without, like water pipes and cars. As a girl the worst thing that would happen if I burned dinner would be Mac and Cheese! But with my Dad getting a job in NY I've been pushed into the man of the house spot light and have been left blinking in the bright lights of unfamiliar territory!
I'd fixed the computer before, but if I couldn't Dad would be home in a few hours to take care of it. Not so now. When I took the trash can out from under the sink and a puddle of water appeared at my feet I couldn't just turn the faucet off and wait for him. I had to find the drip; luckily it was something easily fixable, clean up all the water and dry out from under the sink.
Cleaning out the bathtub drains, plunging the toilets, changing light bulbs, shoveling the driveway, dealing with a Mom who now has no husband to lean on and is very busy and stressed. While none of that is hard;well the emotional stuff is, (when is my freak out time?! If you find out, please let me know!) but the buck had never stopped with me before. I've never filled out tax rebate papers before, how am I supposed to know how? But, I'm learning!
Everyday I am filled with more and more admiration for you guys. How exactly do you learn how to fix cars and fill out tax forms? Why do computers tremble in fear before you and just curse at me in foreign languages? I'd never thought I'd live in house with out a man, if it wasn't my father is was going to be my husband(lets not even bring up that subject!!) but I guess it's a God thing I'm still at home. My dad felt he could take this job because I was at home still, my Mom had someone older to lean on and help her.
By the time he gets home, I'll be an old pro at man stuff. Though me and power tools with blades will never get along! So, if anyone wants to volunteer to help us with our Christmas tree feel free!!