Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rejoining the Human Race!

For the last month I have been spending a lot of my free time, wait, did I just say free time? Excuse me while I go and laugh myself into a corner about the concept of free time!....................................
Okay, I'm back now! As I was saying, I've been spending a lot of time here on Blogger, in fact during the week at least 1 hour a day, most week days it was 2-3 hours. Nap time was typing time over at the Poet house! What exactly was I doing here since I seem to have a considerable lack of posts per time spent here typing away? Well, since I don't have my own computer and didn't want my baby(yes my baby if you have a problem with me calling my book that go and, , do something to yourself! And not a lets grab a cookie type thing! ) on the Poets somewhat unreliable lap top.
Besides I wanted it here with me on the weekends so I could work on it here. So, I typed about 85 percent of it here, on Blogger. Then I copy and pasted it into Word when I got home. The spell check is a little loopy, it didn't like the name Nicolas and didn't have the word leapt! I guess my characters moved around rather quickly a lot of the time because I seemed to run into this frustration quite a few times!
If you couldn't tell from the title of the post I will now be joining the realm of the non-NaNoWriMo'ers again. It was a whole different kind of month for me. Just the massive amount of brain juice it took to keep the story going and all down in one month left me running pretty dry! I'm sure the director of the Christmas play I'm in will be happy to have me running on all my cylinders once more!
I had been wanting to write a book since I was a little kid, but I had never gotten around to it. It was one of those one day things. One day I'll write a book, one day I'll learn to play an instrument, one day I'll be 5 foot 6 and only weigh 115 pounds........okay even I don't have a big enough imagination to talk myself into that last one!
Back to the narrative, all of my down time at the Poets house was spent writing and some not so down time, can you say bored kids and nail polish? Oh, yeah! What did we learn today kids? Maybe that nail polish and blush are not interchangeable?
I didn't get much writing done at home because I didn't want to tie up our computer and I don't really have much free time.(There's that funny phrase again!) I work 40 hours a week and still do all that I used to at home. Plus my dad just got a job in NY so I'm coming home to moments like, "Katy! Your home after 10 hours of work! I know that you have to leave again in 40 minutes but can you fix the Internet, right now!?!?!"
Needles to say my life had exploded and I decided to add writing a 50,00 word novel in there because? Maybe I'm masochist, maybe I'm crazy, or maybe the aliens have finally gotten control of my brain. Whatever the reason I stepped up to the challenge and have conquered it! My book had been written, now comes the fun and easy part! Editing is always the fun easy part, right?
Wait........ why are you laughing? Hey! Why are you rolling on the floor in front of your computer, still laughing? I'm getting the impression that I said something amusing, hmm maybe this editing bit won't be as easy as I thought! Oh, well time will tell, but for now the book is going to rest and I will rejoining the normal human race, well as much as I was ever part of the normal human race that is!=)
(Just as a note, my parents are still happily married, my dad had just been out of work for 9 months and a contract job, even one in NY was very welcome. He comes home when he can and it's not a forever! Just wanted to make sure that I didn't start any rumors or anything!)