Monday, November 2, 2009


I had a really good weekend. While my new job is easy and fun at points it's still work! So, I was pretty happy for the week end to get here. I had a Harvest Party to get to on Friday night so being able to drop the kids of extra early at their Dads work to Trick-or-Treat was a nice happening.

I get home to make soup for said party and realize with only 15 minutes left till I have to leave that I need to make a double batch of the soup because it makes way less then I remembered! And we also had misplaced the directions for said soup, so needless to say it was really hard to drive the speed limit all the way to Lindsay D house! I managed though and I was the first person there by about 15 minutes!

The party was fun, getting this particular group of people to participate in party events besides eating and talking is nigh on impossible though! Next time I'm getting out the cattle prod.........

It went well though, fun times and good food. Then on Saturday I had tea with the girls(I love being able to say that! It's been so nice having girl friends after not really having any before!!) and spent a few hours talking and drinking four pots of tea. The coconut oolong is killer by the way for any of you reading this who like tea.=)

Then on Sunday the church did a skit that I had written(I know I'm tooting my own horn here, hence the tittle of this post!hehe) I was in the nursery and for the first time in months we had kids in there at the start of service(how ironic, right?) so I couldn't skip out and see it, but all the reports I heard back where good! That made me feel pretty good, pretty darn good!=)

Then Jordan and Anthony came over for dinner and so my parents could interview Anthony(It's something our church is doing, everybody has to get interviewed to collect info and stuff. My parents weren't just being nosy!) That was really fun, then there was collage group not very may people came but it was still good. This was Guntis last week he's been fun to get to know.

The weather was perfect, a chill in the air and very breezy. Clouds scuttling across the bright blue sky and the sounds of finally being allowed to play Christmas music in the house, November first baby, booyah! So, all in all a very pleasant and satisfying weekend!!=)