Friday, November 6, 2009


Can anybody sane with a full schedule of other things to do write a 50,000 plus word novel in one month? That is the question asked by the people running the National Novel Writing Month competition. The challenge? To begin and finish an 50,00 word or more novel in the month of November. The challengers? Anybody with a computer who has ever wanted to write a book. Oh, and is a little on the insane side!

I had heard about this NaNoWriMo for a few years and had never given it much thought besides those people are nuts!! I'd been trying to write a book ever since I was 10! If I hadn't accomplished it in the 13 years since then what on earth would make me think I could do it in one month?

Something must have made me think I could do it, because on October 29 I signed up! Then the next day a pep talk e~mail came and it didn't pep me up one little bit! It did the exact opposite! In I found out that Twilight was only 25,000 words long! Now even if you've never read the book I know you've at least seen it somewhere. That's not exactly a light weight book! So, when I didn't even get started writing until the 3rd I had no hope of catching up to the 1,600ish word count goal. That's daily! So I was about 3,000 words behind schedule.

I sat down to write on that day and wrote for about 2 hours, spell checking as I went because I can't type. Nope, I've tried to learn really I have! Hen pecking very fast is what I do, so spelling mistakes abound in my writing! I went to a word count tool and was astonished to find I'd written about 3,000 words! I was ecstatic, not that I didn't erase half of that the next day because my characters had gone in an entirely different direction then I wanted them to.

But, not only have I caught up, I am a couple hundred words ahead of schedule! Well, at least I was yesterday, with this new dawn another 1,600ish words must roll out of my brain down my hen pecking fingers and onto the computer screen! Here is a link to my author page if you are interested.

If you are even more interested get back to me at the end of November and if I've managed to come up with anything decent you can request a copy of the next great American novel! To give you an idea of word count this post is 442 words, including this sentance!