Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Earring Holder Tutorial

I've been asked by a few people how I made the earring holder so I took some pictures and hopefully have come up with something helpful!


Picture Frame, any size (the one I used is 8x10) Thrift stores would be an excellent place to find frames! I used a metal frame but see no reason why a wooden one wouldn't work just as well!

Small gauge wire in a color that will match your frame as you will be able to see it

Small beads, any color!

Wire cutters or scissors(the scissors will be wrecked for anything besides wire cutting, so use an old pair!)

Pliers, these are not needed but will help in pulling things tighter!

Step One: Remove the back and glass from the frame set aside for reuse later if desired.

Step Two: Cut a length of wire that will fit across your frame. Leave lots of extra for wrapping, especially if you are using a wooden frame as the are much wider then the metal one I used.

Step Three: Make a kink in the wire to keep your beads from sliding off and so you leave enough wrapping room. String beads, again leaving enough of an end for wrapping.

Step Four:
Wrap one of the un-beaded ends around the edge of the frame, like this.
Front view:

Back View:
Step Five: Slip end of wire under wrapped portion and pull tight. Repeat one or two more times. Trim end and press down. Be careful the ends will be sharp!!!
Twice Wrapped:
This is what it looks like on the actual piece.

Step Six: Hot glue bias tape or ribbon over the ends of the wire to keep them from scratching anything!Step Seven: You can either replace the back so it's free standing or you can hang it on the wall backless like we did. Have fun and enjoy your new earring holder!