Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas at the Pillsbury house!

This years Christmas is going to be quite different for my family. My older sister got married and we just found out today that she and her husband will not be coming here for Christmas. My Dad has been out of work since January and just got a job in NY. It's a contract job so not a permanent thing, but since travel is so expensive during the holidays he isn't going to be here for Christmas either. Many changes some good some not so good and some a little of both!

We just got done decorating our tree. At first when I found out we weren't going to get a real one I fliped! But then deciding to act my age I encouraged my Mom to get the light tree that's in the picture. It's not traditional but it put my Moms mind at ease. I'm very sad, but hey it's just a tree, right? My Dad was on the phone tlaking with us so that's why my Moms holding the phone, he wanted to be in the picture too!

My scary giant siblings, this picture just makes me smile!

I was feeling pictury today so I went around and took some pictures of our Christmas decorations. Totally useless I know, they'll sit on my hard drive for years until I finally delete them, but useless as they are it makes me feel happy to take them!=)