Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas dresses and other yummy treats!

For Christmas dessert this year I made red velvet cupcakes. Who knew that adding an entire bottle of red food coloring would make something this red?=)
They are not only one of the most tasty kinds of cake but are so pretty too!

My sister Beccas gingerbread house, isn't it awesome?=)

My adorable little bro Jacob and his house, aren't they cute?=)

The back of my house.................I think it's looking at me!

I made this Christmas dress last year and just now got around to taking some decent pictures of it! It's an old 80's pattern of my Moms' that I love and have made countless times!=)


Waiting for snow, though it was foggy. I love the fog, it's so magical and mysterious!=)

I love circle skirts! They shrink up funny at the side seams but I love em' any way!