Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Change, does anyone really like it?

I've never met a word that makes more people shudder when they hear it then change.(Besides maybe enema!hehe) It can be good, yet it still makes us feel queasy! Maybe it's because we don't notice it as much when it's a good change, like everything else we remember the bad more then the good.

My family has gone through a lot of change this year as have many of our friends families. We've had job losses, church switching, marriages, new jobs, moving, new friends, old friends divorcing us, when I think back over this past year my head spins! My life was always changing up until I was about 19. Then after FB planted Antioch that was it for major changes in my life. I didn't have any friends, go to any groups and my job was very secure. I watched the same families kids in my house till just a few months ago.

No big changes at church, no new siblings, nothing going in the man department for either me or my older sister, so life was pretty even keel. Then we started going to the collage group at our church and suddenly we wanted to stay out until 11pm and had social lives. That threw my Mom for a loop! She'd never had to deal with her older kids having things to do before. She's still a little offended whenever I go out and don't want to involve the kids(Yes, I even count the 16 year old as a kid. I'm allowed to have my own friends, aren't I?)

Then in January my dad lost his job and Megan and Shawn finally hooked up. Well, they started texting each other, way more then they ever talked when he lived here, go figure! A prominent family in the church left for good reasons, but that was still not very nice happening. Megan and Shawn got engaged, our collage group was slowly dwindling one by one. I finally became licenced driver, Megan got married, I switched jobs, my dad got a contract job in NY and that's where we are right now. So, a few good changes, Megan's been itching to get married since she was 16, it's nice to not have a driving test hanging over my head and my dad's job is a huge blessing. Yes, it would have been even nicer to have him near us, but hey a job is a job!!

What does this next year have in store for me? Will my Dad finish up the contract job and then once again be jobless? Or, will he find a job closer to home, or maybe this company will hire him full time and we'll move to NY! Will I be an Aunt soon? Will we ever get more people in collage group or will it dwindle and fade away. Will I ever manage to elicit any attention from a guy? Or, will I slowly begin to collect cats and become the crazy cat lady.

What this next year has in store is a mystery, it's like a big present that I can only unwrap a little at a time. It may turn out to be what I've always wanted or it may end up being the worst present I've ever been given. You know what? I don't care what this year holds for me, I just can't wait to find out!

To quote a wise old turtle, the past is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift thats why they call it the present!=)