Tuesday, December 29, 2009

An Earing Holder with a Bloody Past!

My Mom had been wondering how to better store her earrings as they were all muddled in a box in her drawer. She saw an earring holder that I had and decided that's the kind she wanted. Next thing I know she's taking me to the store and asking me what I think would work. What I thought would work is going online and buying one ready made, but I went along with the idea and was left with a couple different kinds of beads, some wire and a picture frame.

After wrestling with it for awhile, I decided I would have to string each strand separately and attach them as I go, one long strand would have worked, but she wanted different colors every third strand or so! Thoroughly poked, discouraged and bleeding I put it away after the first 4 strands.

I picked it up again today and after the break of a few days found that it was going much better this time! I finished in about an hour and hot glued some bias tape over the picky ends on the back to protect the wall and fingers from being scratched! As easy as it was I was still happy to see it over and done with. I head back to work after I'm done and come home to some news.......

My oldest sister was sent this picture of it and immediately wanted to know where we got it, because she wanted one as well! When she was told I made it she was sad that she couldn't buy one for herself. But, miracles of miracles guess who had a B~Day later this month? Sigh...........oh well. I guess that's what sisters(and band aids!) are for!=)