Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Down to the River to Pray

The weather has finally warmed up, my swim suit was crying out to get wet, the water was as warm as the water in CO ever gets, so what does all this mean? That this week end was perfect for a float trip down the Deschutes. I've only done this particular float one other time. This year we started about an hour later then last year and we got lost in Sunriver thanks to the spot on directions of our navigator!(hehe) So we didn't get on the water until about 3:15(maybe a little later!)

We finally got all of the floaties(what a fun word, right?) ready and plopped them in the water. Only one of the rafts had a hole but gum and a foot pump came along for the ride and as long as they put more air in periodically they were fine! Last year every one besides 4 of us were in tubes or other one person type craft, and as Megan(older sis) was going to ride with her fiance(Shawn) in our raft.............three is a crowd!

All that to say, I went and bought myself a tube. It was the only one that Wal-Mart had and I wasn't to happy about it at first, it says RIVER RAT across both sides and there is kind of a mean looking hobo like rat with yellow beady little eyes and teeth. But, hey for 10 bucks I wasn't going to argue. Then everybody else this year was in a raft! Yep, a raft. Also, everyone else besides me and one other guy were paired off, so I spent a lot of the float alone contemplating the wonder of Gods creation by myself.

I have to say, I've always liked being by myself and I never ever get to be! I am easily distracted, so this was a wonderful chance for me to thank God for His wonderful creation and pray with out the usual distractions. It's always been easier for me to praise Him in the midst of His creation rather then in a church. Shhhhh, don't tell anybody though! I have a feeling some people would find that a little odd and I am definitely odd enough already!=)

It's quite a long float about 3 1/2 hours or so and that last half hour is a killer! It needs to be just a little shorter and it would be perfect. It's a beautiful float though. We start out at Lapine Sate park and end up at a camp ground just before you hit Sunriver. You pass meadows, some lovely houses with some very friendly people residing there in, trees and some awesome dirt banks. They rise up on either side of you and you have to contemplate the wonder of that lazy river beneath you and the power it holds.

We've had people bring and eat food and definitely bring water! I had thought that since I was in a group where at 23 I was the youngest that the river would not be used as a restroom. But, nope! At least three people jumped on in and did their business. Now I don't feel bad for thinking that that's not such a bad idea! It freaks my Mom out though and so I was raised no to pee in the river past the age of 5 or so.=)

Grab your swim suit(or not, but make sure you at least have a towel or something to cover the important bits when others are near!) your floatie of choice, some water and a couple of friends and get yourself on down to the river! If you are like me you and have a sound track to your life, look up the song "Down to the River to Pray" from the "O' Brother Where Art Though" sound track. It was the perfect song to have stuck in my head during my trip down to the river!=)