Saturday, June 13, 2009

20 Years From Now

This question was brought up in my hearing recently and it got me thinking. What do you want out of life, where do you want to be 20 years from now? It's been a fun thing to contemplate!

There are some things I'm pretty sure will have happened. I will be 42, my hair will be turning gray, I will have been married to my sexy man of God for a good long time and will have at least a couple children. As far as where I will be? I would like to stay in Central Oregon near family, but if God has called my husband somewhere else I would be excited to follow him! I'm not sure I would be overjoyed if he felt called to be a missionary in Africa or some other third world country but as far as other places.......... lead on God!

I want to be farther in my walk with God for sure! Some days remembering to pray and spend time with Him is easy and a joy, but there are days it's more like a chore I either forget or force myself to do. God is working on my temper, I would like to not have to bite my lip and blow up at my pillow or whatever inanimate object is in my way. Yes, laugh all you want to readers at the thought of me having a temper, but you didn't know me when I was younger! I am learning the channel the "passion" as my Mom kindly calls it to other things in life.=)

I want to have been on an airplane, gone on a long road trip and learned to make pie crust with out crying! So many things that I have yet to learn, see, do, tatse, experience, and feel. The next 20 years ought to be some kind of wonderful! Think about it, what do you want out of life in the next 20 years?=)