Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let the time off begin!

*Sigh* So much for my promise to be a better blogger this month, life has been busy and when it hasn't been I've been sleeping! I should be better this next week as today is my last day of work unitll the Monday after Christmas! ;-)

So, what offerings of joy and glad tidings do I bring to you this cold and cloudy day? A list, a (small) freak out and maybe even an outfit photo or two!

~List of thing I will finish during my time off!~

1. The Penelope Coat! It will be finished before Christmas, it will, it will, it will!!

2. Organizing my closet (Yikes! This one goes along with the freak out!)

3. Print out my NaNoWriMo book and get to editing

4. Attack my enormous mending/garment mutilation pile!

5. Get ready for and enjoy this Christmas season which has so suddenly come up on me!
(Hey, it's not like I had nay warning it was coming it was say the stores had decorations up in October.....and you also say I had been practicing for a Christmas play since September.....I get it, there was warnings, but somehow it still managed still it sneak up on me!)

~Freak Out!~

Every once in a while I will do a search on eBay for xl skirts and dresses( yes, I just posted my size for all to see!) and bid on any that are cute and cheap; less then $10 for skirts, less then $20 for dresses. I always bid the lowest asking price and have ALWAYS been out bid, usually within a few hours! 
Guess who has won 9 items in the past few weeks and is waiting to hear about 3 more? I have the money and with shipping haven't paid more then $20 for anything, but still I will be more careful in the future! Can you see the reason for the closet organizing? It's been needing it for awhile and now it really does!
I'll do a haul post when it all gets here!  I am both excited and still a little freaked out, I got one skirt yesterday and it is perfect condition Hannah Anderson for $6.99! =)

~Outfit Photo's~

Yes, it's another outfit photo set.....what can I say?

I really liked these two colors paired together. Excuse the curls poking out from behind my head, the hair is just a tad to short to go into the ponytail and while I like how it looks in real life, in pictures they look a little random and weird!
 Cardigan: Wal-Mart $9 on clearance
Polo: JcPenny $6 on clearance
Skirt: Made by me 4 years ago??
Shoes: Cowboy boots $17 you guessed it, on clearance! The people I nanny for want you to take your shoes of at the door, hence the reason they are not on my feet!

This is one of my favorite things about this skirt, the twirl factor! I got sooo dizzy taking this picture, 'cause it took a lot of tries to get one that wasn't too blurry. =)

I just liked this picture!

~Bonus Picture~
That's right, at no extra charge you get a random picture.....ahh shucks I know I'm a sweetie! ;-)

A log I had just thrown in the fire, I'm a sucker for things that look like hearts!