Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas-y Saturday!

After years of being in love with the color white I have finally begin to come to terms with the fact that white is not a flattering color on me..... 

I did my colors; for those of you who know what one earth I'm talking about, I am a fall with a smattering of summer. But, as much as I want it to be, white is not one of my colors.....*sigh*

But any who.....on to the reason for this post. Yesterday marked the happening of the two events this Christmas season that my family does not have to do ANYTHING for besides show up. The Christmas Parade and the Nutcracker. Both were lovely, but as I don't like wearing more then one outfit on any given day; that either makes standing outside in the snow or sitting in a very crowded high school auditorium very uncomfortable.

One is very casual and very cold and the other is nicer and very warm, so this is what I settled on!
 White Shirt- JC Penny $10
Skirt- Made by me from an old jumper $5?
White Tights- (You can't see them but I've come to discover I loooove white tights!) Wal-Mart $3
Brown Boots- Natruralizer $140 (Hey, it's hard to find boots to fit my, um, curvaceous legs.....)
Headband/Hair Bow- Wal-Mart $4

I also looove the bow, I feel very Alice in Wonderland especially with the white tights!

Sadly, even though I remembered to grab my camera before leaving for the parade, it was only remembered when we were walking back to the car! This is a picture of my parents being very cute!