Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Tree!

We always used to get a perfect tree from a tree lot, then we went started going out into the forest and cutting down our own and then last year we had what I fondly called the Vegas Tree!(There are a few pics of it and an explanation behind our rather unorthodox tree choice!)

I have to say, having experienced three different types of tree, the forest ones are my favorite. They show the ornaments off so much better and just feel old fashioned and quirky!

My family at the tree lot, minus one, she's hiding behind someone else and you can just see her fingers reaching to do bunny ears!

Yes, it's a horribly out of focus picture, but I had the flash off because with the flash on, you couldn't see the lights. I really need to get a better camera.....

I love the look of cranberries and popcorn on the tree, hate the mess of using real popcorn and cranberries. Solution? Fake popcorn and cranberries! My parents bought them from a little country store before they had any of us kids and they've lasted 25 years so far!

I thought the shadow was cool!

We bought these years ago at Costco, so you know we got A LOT of them in the box. We hung them all along the curtain rod near the tree. I love glass icicles! =)

Another cool shadow picture.....

My awesome Christmas manicure, I know you're all jealous
What? Yes of course I'm 24, what makes you think I'm not?
You say 24 year olds don't paint their nails different colors?
Just wait until the 4th of July!