Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Quiz

Samantha at Simple Delights is having a Christmas quiz on her blog and as I both love reading this type of and filling them in, I knew I had to do it!

~Three of your favorite Christmas carols~

~Mary Did You Know~

This is my favorite Christmas song of all time and this is the best version I have found, even though I am not fond of Clay Aiken.....

~Carol of the Bells~

~God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen~

~Three Favorite Christmas songs~

~Sleigh Ride~

~Baby It's Cold Outside~
(This version won out by a slim margin over the one by Lady Antebellum!)

~All I want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth~

~Four favorite Christmas traditions~

~Cookies and Egg Nog while decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving

~Eating Sugar Plums while reading the Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve

~Opening one presents on Christmas Eve 'cause it's so hard to wait!

~Singing Christmas carols during worship at church, I love that!

~Three favorite holiday cookies~

~Chocolate covered Cherry cookies

~Ginger Bread Men

~Cake cookies

~Does your Christmas tree have a theme~

Nope, unless crazy, big family with eclectic tastes is a theme!

~Three favorite Christmas ornaments~

~Little animals
~Candy shaped ones

~These little red berries
~Do you like snow?~

~Hot chocolate or coffee?~

~Coffee, but the froo froo Starbucks kind, so it's kind of like hot chocolate and coffee had a delicious baby!

~Do you decorate indoors and out?~

~Mostly indoors, but we always have lights and a few wreathes outside.

~Do you like to decorate before Thanksgiving, or after?~

~The day after!

~Name 3 things you like doing in the snow~

~Taking walks



(Oh wait it says thee things you like doing....well I've had to learn to like it because if I didn't I would be a very unhappy girl all winter long!)

~Do you usually make at least one handmade gift for someone each year?~

~I try, but sometimes it just doesn't work out!

~Name one of your favorite Christmas books~

~Favorite Christmas movies~


~The Christmas List

~Holiday Inn
(It was this movie and not White Christmas, in which the iconic song White Christ first debuted!

~While You Were Sleeping
(I don't want to hear how this one is not a Christmas movie, it is to me and if you don't like that you can do your own post and put "real" Christmas movies up!)