Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring is Here?

It was beautiful a week ago, our early flowers were up and blooming. The flowering trees started to show some color and now they are all covered in snow! It's frustrating, but I love it here all the same!

Central Oregon's weather is unpredictable at best,
It puts our peace of mind and patients to a test,
It's warm in the middle in winter,
In spring the snow does fall,
The poor weather mans kept on his toes,
Just trying to make the call!

Before the season turned to spring,
Our flowers started growing,
But now that it is April,
Of course it's started snowing!
Our studded tires we have removed,
Like good boys and girls are we,
Now we wish we had them back,
Never mind the fee!

The seasons they mean nothing here,
Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall,
Coming all on one day sometimes,
We deal with them all!
I know we get them all at once,
The sun, the rain, the snow,
But I don't care, I love living here,
Hip~hip hooray for Central O!