Saturday, April 4, 2009

Library Book Sale

I love books, if you've been around me for a while you'll know! I love everything about them, how they smell, sound, feel(not taste!) and old books are best of all! Used books have lived lives, the markings give you glimpses of another life. What did that girl who spilled jam on page 309 feel when she reads these same words that you are now enjoying. It's wonderful to contemplate! From a practical stand point they are also way cheaper most of the time!

Our local library has books sales periodically through out the year and even though I've been trying to go for years now I just made it my one today. My goodness, all the people, it was in the basement of the old library(which is way better then the new one!) and very hot and crowded! But, the hardbacks where only a dollar and the soft covers 50 cents. It was wonderful! People where leaving with boxes and boxes. I sadly though; having had my fun money mostly go to taxes this pay check, had only some change. I found a copy of my favorite Cinderella movie for 10 cents. My family is quietly weeping right now, they don't quite jive with my; if it's good the first time it's even better the tenth, movie watching policy! My mom found lots of books shes been wanting for school and each of the little kids picked out a couple things, Ghosts Don't Eat Potato Chips, being my favorite pick of theirs! My mom even got me an early birthday present of a stack of records, for my record player which was supposed to be a surprise but then I went to go buy one...... you can figure out the rest!

All of this to say, if you love books, like books or even just like hot crowded rooms full of book loving people head on down to you local library's book sale!