Saturday, August 11, 2012

Showin' Off Some Steampunk Lovelies

I'm not sure I've ever talked about my love of steampunk on the blog, so, in case you didn't guess from the title.....I LOVE steampunk! I find it fascinating and would love to find a group of like minded people I could geek out with!

If you've never come across the term before and are scratching your head wondering what I'm nattering on about, simply put, it's a style of dress, literature, decorating etc etc etc, combining the Victorian age with steam powered technology.

This is a great, kid friendly, example of the steampunk genre!

A book series, there are more, but these are the four main books!

A few TV series that have a definite steampunk style to them.....

Check out this HOUSE for an amazing example of incorporating steam-punk style into everyday life!

And last but not least, my favorite part (surprise, surprise) is the clothes!

This is definitely something I'm going to do one day, you send them a pair of your old boots and then steampunk-ify them for you!

Modified Nerf gun!

A few my my steampunk inspired pieces, I'm always on the look out for more! =)

Now it's your it or hate it? =)