Friday, August 3, 2012

Awkward and Awesome!


~*sigh* We were supposed to be leaving for TN this weekend.....but instead we are waiting for the city to approve our new plot lines.....then the county gets to sit on the paper work for a month.....then we can put the house back on the market.....

~Some shoes I ordered off of eBay started their journey in Grand Rapids, MI.....then made their merry way to Portland, Or.....and then got sent to Leigh Valley, PA.....and yesterday were delivered to someone in Holland,, not to be overly picky, but I don't recall living in MI! =P 

~The guilty feeling I have for not really caring much about the Olympics.....I get bored with all the commercials.....Plus, I'm not a sports fan anyway, so why I would become an avid one every two years during the Olympics is beyond me! 
(I did look up the torch ceremony to see of David Tenant got to carry it.....I'm a little disappointed it was Matt Smith, but only because he wasn't the one who did it in the show. I am withholding judgment on liking him as the Doctor until I've seen him in the roll!)

~I had some Kohl's gift cards/cash and was excited to get some wear right now, summer clothes, only to come out with three winter sweaters..... Awkward now, awesome come colder weather I guess! ;-)


~After almost a month, Taurie is finallly back from the mechanics and I can stop monopolizing the one other car we have! My parents let me take it to work leaving them without a car for most of the day, so yeah for awesome parents!!

~Warehouse 13 season 3 is FINALLY on Netflix!!!!! Love, love, love this show! =)

~This book series!

~This song!