Thursday, August 30, 2012

Awkward and Awesome


~That moment when you get your new work schedule and realize that thanks to preschool you will be making JUST enough to cover your bills.....and while that's far preferable to not making enough to cover the bills, a girl likes to have some extra spending money, you know? Plus, getting a new job is not really a possibility right now as we are going to be moving within the next couple months..... =P

~All my fall clothes are packed and are currently residing at a friends house having been emptied from the bins under my bed, so it would look uncluttered! And I may or may not be a lazy label-er, so all of my boxes say KatySue's room and that's it.....hind sight is 20/20 my friends!

~Okay, obviously I don't have a problem putting myself out there on the interwebs (I really have no idea where I got that word, or if it's even a real word, or if I'm using it right, but I like it, so there!) but really, having at least 5 people search for me by name every week? 
That's getting a little creepy here peeps! 
I guess it could just be the same person, in which case, hello creepy stalker person! ;-) 


~This ice cream.....
.....which is not only as good, but WAY better then my previous-childhood-so-sad-they-no-longer-made-it-favorite.....

~Guilt free sleeping in, and there is really nothing else to say about that!

~This movie was HILARIOUS! Really, you can't go wrong with Dennis Quaid and Stanley Tucci!

~If you are well....ahem....if you have rather.....well.....let's just say if God has greatly blessed you in the chest department, then THESE COMICS are for you! =)

~Last but not least, don't forget to enter MY GIVEAWAY, tomorrow is the last day! And I wouldn't object to someone/someones doing a post on it, just to spread the word you know.....not that I'm hinting or anything, just lettin' you know I'm a-okay with it! ;-)