Friday, February 24, 2012

Aloha Peeps!

A friend said this outfit looked like it was inspired by Pinterest and obsessed as I am with that lovely site the compliant made my day!! 
And the navy/gray/coral color combo was inspired by Pinterest, so it's nice to know I hit the nail on the head!
 Coral Necklace: Jewelry party, Cardigan. Apt. Nine via Kohl's, Tank: Wal-Mart

Today my Mom and I are catering a Luau fundraiser at our church. Pulled huli huli pork, macaroni salad, rice and chili spcied fruit skewers with coconut whipped cream for 130 people? No prob! ;-)
And of course I took the chance to dress up and lucky me it promises to be 56 degrees here today!!! 
Shrug: Wal-Mart, Dress: Costco (ages ago!)

My lovely younger sister made me some flowers clips for Christmas in happy summer colors and I am finally getting to wear one! 
Guess what?! I'm wearing lip-stain and have eaten breakfast and drunk two cups of coffee (what can I say, the day started at 7 and is going to keep on going until after 10pm, I needed a little boost!) and it still looks fresh and hasn't worn off, I love that stuff!
The jewelry came as a set and I got it on clearance last fall and have been itching to wear it, yeah for luaus in February!!!
Hair Clip: Christmas, Necklace and Earrings: Fred Meyer

One final question.....
.....who else started eating Cadbury Eggs right after Valentines Day? Love those things, I don't care if they are commercializing and rushing the holidays, I buy them as soon as they show up in the stores, but do wait to eat them until after Valentines Day, I do have SOME standards!
Okay, this genius deserves to join the person who invented flush toilets in the 7th layer of heaven! ;-)