Thursday, September 1, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


~My feet.....they look like the belong on a 6 year old boy.....for realies.....I swear)


~I am a boy magnet....
Wait, your all thinking, hasn't she jawed on and on about how she's never had any male interest at all?
Why, yes, I have! Thank you for remembering! The key word in that first sentence is long as they aren't shaving yet they follow me around like puppies! What's wrong with that picture people?

~The fact that after a summer free of fires, Central Oregon has decided to explode with them and all the smoke in the air is making me feel like I'm breathing through a straw! And not one of those big ones they give you at McDonald's so you'll drink more either!

~Proactive.....yes, I will admit to after years of only occasional breakouts at "that time of the month" under my chin has decided it's 16 and has been breaking out.....and after seeing  a picture of said chin and realizing it looked like a freshly plucked chicken I decided to try Proactive.....and stopped after two many incredibly tiny bottles of acid am I supposed to rub on my skin two times a day?...Oh, and then avoid the the sun.....ooookay, never mind!


~Pumpkin Spice is back at Starbucks! Oh happy day! A white chocolate mocha with a pump of pumpkin syrup is amazingly good.....if you ignore the calories.....which I do! =P

~A make your own bubble tea sampler I see a bubble tea themed party sometime in my future?.....You sure bet I do!

~This.....Cake.....Was.....Amazing! I made it a few weeks ago and we ate in in two days! =)

~Books you've read over and over, until they're familiar as the face of an old friend! I'm re-reading the Anne of Green Gabes series and am once again en-rapturously in love with them....and more then a little jealous of her House 'O Dreams.....and Gilbert if I'm being really honest!! =)