Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Introducing The Wardrobe Department and Various Other Ramblings

~I've decided to call my outfit posts The Wardrobe Department, like for movies and T.V.....Okay I know it's kind of dorky but I love seeing what people are wearing almost as much as I love the content of movies and such. I will keep watching something that I don't like if the costumes are good! =)

~Still listening to my High Kings Pandora station and still in love with it! It's Marie's Wedding by the High Kings right now....arm for arm and row an' row all for Marie's wedding, lalalalalalalala..... =-D

~I have a lunch of banana yogurt, blackberries and grape nuts waiting for me, yum!! I already mixed it up and am letting the grape nuts soften because as much as I love them, those little boogers are hard as rocks right out of the box! I wonder, what happens when they go stale? Do they get even harder?

~Thanks to the advice of an uppity tech snob......ahem.....a friend, I now have spell check on my browser, so no more having to copy and paste my Face Book text into a word document to spell check it! What, I can't be the only one who did that *crickets chirping* okay maybe I was.....

What to do with my hands? My short litle T-Rex arms DO NOT allow for artful draping.....
Dress- Apt 9 via eBay
Cami- Jc Penny tanktop 
Boots- Wal-Mart

I know! I'll walk across a log! I love it when other fashion bloggers have pictures of themselves walking across logs.....Hmm, what?....Wait are you saying that they have real logs? And are outside?.....Oh well, one must work with what one has and what I have an overactive imagination.....and short little T-Rex arms! ;-)

No, I am not wearing tights, my legs come by that unearthly paleness naturally thank you very much! They should be cast in the next big vampire movie, they could make millions! Heeey wait......

*sigh* I promise that these earrings are green, just a really dark forest green!
 Earrings- Bought from Amanda Flynn through her BLOG
Necklace- made by me

Wait, I thought this movie was coming out at Christmas? It's coming out May 20th? Yeah!!!! Hmm, maybe I should actually see the third one, though since Johny Depp didn't think the second two movies were worth watching (ouch) maybe it's not really necessary.....