Friday, May 13, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday....Erm Friday!


~Blogger being down since yesterday afternoon, I totally was going to do this post on Thursday! Oh well, there is always next time.....

~  While at Wal-Mart coming across a creepy looking man dressed in street clothes holding a price gun and looking down with an oh-my-gosh-how-did-this-whatever-it-is-get in-my-hands, look on his face and as I was um...rudely? covertly.....okay, maybe not so covertly studying him! Suddenly romantic music swells causing him to look up and as our eyes meet these words crooned out of my love has come along.....
My Mom looks over at me incredulously as if I've suddenly gone insane and as I sit there hopelessly gesturing to the man then to the cd sample player that is singing....there was some embarrassed waving and a very quick exit on my part! I guess I am always saying I want my own background careful what you wish for!

~As previously mentioned my people watching skills need some work, I'm always getting caught!

~Being so excited about the 3 year old little boy I watch finally pooping in the potty! I am ridiculously excited.... *sigh* I know, I am such a other finds are excited about shopping trips and Americas Next Top Model and I report that Nolan pooped, YEAH....wait, why aren't they as jazzed as I am? Oh yeah......   =-P

~Having to tell the Dad that he popped in the potty, it doesn't seem as awkward telling the Mom about their kids bodily functions, but the Dad always look so after hearing what he sleeps in and how many squishy lumps he got taken off of his back (oh yeah, I've get lots of good info, beware those of you with nanny's, KIDS TALK) I might find talking to him a little uncomfy too...hehe, you sleep in your panties...hehehe


~NOLAN POOPED IN THE POTTY! Not once but twice! Yes, good job little man! Is it really that weird my day was made better by this?

~I do love my job (for the most part) which is more then I can say for some people!

~Finally having a hair cut that I can just wash it, throw some gel in and let air dry! No more sitting there upside down for 15 minutes! Yeah!

~Tea time with my girls last night and starting to plan our summer! Dinner and movie nights, check. Pool time, check. Baby shower, check!

~The Brothers Winn. You must watch them, though I will warn you the videos are VERY addicting! They are funny and informative, plus it doesn't hurt that Jedd is adorable! Mock me all you want too, but that lop sided grin makes my heart melt! Smart, articulate and he has a killer smile? What female isn't going to be impressed? ;-)
(Gosh, I kind of hope they never stumble across this post, I sound a little creepy and stalkerish.....)