Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Those are Pants?!?

Yes, these are pants and I have no idea why I love them so much but I do! These pants, hippie dresses, big earrings, bare feet, those awesome brightly colored wagons and a love of wearing bells..... Hmm, maybe I've missed my true calling in life, anyone seen a caravan pass by recently? 

I had a pair of hot pink and white pants that were full like this as a kid and I loooooooved them to death. And I every time I wore them at least one person would say, "Whoa, nice pants!" In my 11 year old mind these were all compliments, but apparently I missed the subliminal message, because my family says they weren't saying nice pants in a  good way.....*sigh* oh well, I will just have to keep on loving them from afar.....or will I? ;-)

If you'd like to see more gypsy inspired loveliness Click Here! I'm assuming the company is called Holy Clothing because all of the clothes are made in Israel. When I first saw an add for them on Face Book I assumed it was for a modest clothing site! =)