Thursday, September 30, 2010

Penelope Coat~Part Duex

The muslin of the Penelope coat is done. If I'm being honest it was done a few weeks ago, but this is the first time, my camera, me, the time and a photographer have all been together at the same moment.=)

As anyone who has used the plain muslin for practice patterns knows, it looks and feels like you are dressed for life in an orphanage, but it really does fit how I want it to, and the collar combing went really well. I need to mess with the cuffs a bit more, but that will have to wait until I'm actually doing the coat as it it just a matter of which fabric I want showing!
(The cuff reference from the first post was from The Importance of Being Ernest, if anyone cares!)
The fabric is bought and washed, while hang drying the fabric released a cloud of purple fuzz allover the bathroom. Everything was fuzzy purple, luckily it was my little sisters(she is 17, just so you know. It makes me seem a little less mean!) turn to clean the bathroom. Horrible I know; my mess I should clean it up, but what are siblings for? ;-) 

I still need lining, buttons and the piping. The fabric is a shade or two more purple then the coat in the movie, so I think I'm going to change the piping color. The bright red and purple makes me think of the red hat society, and as I do not agree with their principles.....well, lets' not get into it! 

Next up, buying the rest of the supplies and*gulp* cutting out!