Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break and Sewing Projects

We went to the High Desert Museum today, during spring break.....  yep, it's spring! I had some days off and the sky spirits decided to punish me, so the last two days have been snow and rain!

The front pond, neat reflections, right?=)

It was pretty neat walking through the outside exhibits with it all snowy. It definitely added to the atmosphere.

The wild life observation shelter, not much wild life out and about right now! Though the Bob Cat and Lynx were roaming around in their cages as opposed to the tongue lolling stupor we usually get to see them in!! So, that was pretty cool!

So happy!

Look closely and you will see how well the squirrel(Have I ever mentioned how much I love spell check? Who knows off hand how to spell squirrel, though I got surprisingly close!) proofing works on the bird feeder!

The root cellar. Back in my day you could go inside, but alas not any longer!

A preview of some of the spring/summer sewing projects I have piled on my sewing desk!

I *heart* cherries!

Can these two very different fabrics be made into the same style of dress? Not in the same dress just to clarify, just made into the same faux halter style! I had a sister who was horrified when she saw me taking pics of these fabrics together, she though it was all going to be made into one dress!

Before.....shapeless and worn only once after 2 months of feverish crocheting.....

Pending after, you'll just have to wait to see what it turns into. It will be worn on Easter though!
(fingers crossed!)
The fabric underneath is a very light yellow, but obviously the camera washed the color out a bit, so sad.=(