Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sad Day?

I didn't make it to the next round of ABNA.=( My pitch wasn't really what they were looking for, the winning ones seemed to run more along the lines of book reports rather then the more book jackety type one that I wrote. I waited and waited the 24th of February checking the main page every half hour or so to see if they had posted the results. Finally at about 4pm they had the list of names ready to upload. After an excruciating 2 minutes of download time. I quickly scrolled down to the P section and my heart gave a queer little jump as it went straight from Pe to Pl. No Pi to be seen.

I sat there staring at the screen for a few minutes, then I realized the strongest emotion that I felt was not of disappointment but of relief! In actually reading my book(weird I know, just reading it straight through!) I realized that there were lots of editing mistakes still and some old bits of the the first plot running through there. It wasn't ready yet and I have some more work to do before I will get my free proof and let people outside my family read it. So far it's just my Mom and me who have read it and we both really like it, but then again I think we may be biased!

I'm thinking that I have about another month of work to do on it before I send it in to get my free proof. After that I'll start passing it around to all the people who have said that they wanted to read it when I was done and nervously await the opinion of people not blood related and predisposed to like what ever I do! =)