Monday, March 15, 2010


As I once again am forced to remove a minuscule little Lego headlight from it's newly embedded spot on the bottom of my foot I wonder, why do girls always get flack for being the ones with the tiny toys? There was a commercial this Christmas where two men were frantically searching through trash bags of wrapping paper and they were both looking for Barbie things.

Before having a little brother whose obsessed with Lego's I would have agreed with this ad, between Polly Pocket, Barbie and the new Littlest Pet Shop craze girls obviously had the market on tiny toys. But now that I have a Bakugon(I know that that's not spelled right, but what can I say?), Lego, hot wheels obsessed brother, I know differently!

I know that girls have lots of tiny toys, but if you lose a Barbie hair brush there is most likely another Barbie hair brush in the house that they can use. My little brother loses a Lego piece and he can't finish the car/house/alien/space police/power miner or whatever it is he's building at the moment.

I've stepped on little hair brushes and Polly Pocket people, but nothing hurts as bad and stepping on a little Lego piece and having it get stuck in the bottom of you foot, Bakugons also do number is stepped on while open.

All colors, all shapes, all sizes, tires, bricks, windshields; or my personal favorite, tiny little heads come rolling out from under the furniture whenever you move it or sweep under it. All of this to say, I just thing it's funny that girls have the tiny toy rep and that boys don't. I do have to say, it's really nice to be finding this out now so when I do have kids it's not such a surprise!