Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day!

I have a confession to make. I have a tendency to get a little obsessive and exclusive about things. If I get a bee in my bonnet about something or find something that I like I will hop on the bandwagon and not get off until I one day step off almost unknowingly. Like with American Idol, I couldn't miss an episode for years often to the inconvenience of my family. I even watched it on vacation...... but last year and especially this year I just haven't cared.

Sometimes this trait leads to good things, like finding the best price for things on the Internet, gaining a skill because I'm obsessed with recreating an outfit I saw in a movie, or learning all about a specific country, for argument sake lets say.......Ireland!

There it's out, I am obsessed with Ireland. It all started when I, wait, when did it all start? Think...think...think... You know what? I have no idea when or why, it just happened, maybe a leprechaun enchanted me one St. Patrick's Day long ago! What ever the reason, I love all things Irish. The history, the scenery, the food, fauna, people, of course the accents. I love the lyrical language and the faerie tales.

The constant mists in the air, the rugged landscape, the way it's so green, at least in all the pictures I've seen. I would one day love to go there and see for myself this place I've read so much about. I sympathise with the south, of course, the non British catholic part! If you know me at all that should have been obvious! Do you know that up until 1998 divorce was illegal in Ireland? Who couldn't love a country like that?

I've read multitudes of history books, fiction books, picture books and any kind of book about this beautiful and enchanting country. So much so that my parents said that I should stop obsessing and put some effort into learning about another countries, so I checked out some books on Italy, Spain and various other countries. It would be good to be a bit more well rounded, right?

I tried, really I did, but most the books were dry and took forever to get through. Not really especially considering that they were found in the kids non-fiction section so they probably weren't very long or boring at all!! I did find one other country that was almost as fascinating, I'll give you one guess as to which one it is.....Scotland!

I have become almost as enamored with Scotland as I have with Ireland, not exactly the well rounded interests that my parents wanted. Wales is also another one that can keep me interested, but neither one of those holds a candle to The Green Isle. My family finally gave up the goat and let me revel in the Celtic countries in peace. They have even hopped on the band wagon and aided and abetted the obsession.

For my B~Day a couple years ago they gave me the best present ever. They made me a Scottish Lady! That's right, I am a tittled land owner. I am Lady KatySue of the Lochaber Highland Estate. Yes, I may only own a square foot of this estate but I am officially a Lady! Whoever I marry will become a Laird and I can pass this title on to my kids. How cool is that?=)

Maybe one day this fascination will pass away like some of the others have, but I hope not. I truly enjoy and love this country and will one day go to see it for myself. I will stand on the green sea cliffs and look down at the pounding waves below. I will close my eyes, throw my arms out wide embracing the sea breeze. I will let the wind and waves fill my senses and carry my soul away.