Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Get Your Shine On.....

Work has simmered back down to 40 hours a week instead of the 50-75 hour weeks, with a few 32 hour shifts (yes, you read that right, I was at work with out going home for that long!) tossed in there just to make it more interesting and so I have now have the time (and honestly the inclination/brain function!) to blog again, yeah!

Shopping with the siblings for Moms b-day and Mothers Day!
 I got the new caramel ribbon crunch frap from Starbucks and let me tell you, that sucker is amazing! You can hardly taste the coffee at all for all you Strabucks lovers/coffee haters out there! ;-) 

My outfit for last Sunday featuring my new peacock skirt and my very first black shirt. Yep, you heard correctly, I've never owned a black shirt before as I was kind of prejudiced against the color as a whole.....but I've slowly been getting over it!
Shirt and Cami: JCPenny, Skirt: eBay, Shoes: Target

 My hair was in two french braids with the ends bunned in the back with one of those giant octopus clip things (I know, I know, the technical terms I use!) I pulled out some tendrils and got them damp so they would air dry curly and I apologize for the wonky bangs, the humidity is currently winning that battle.....*sigh*
 Earrings: Gift from my sista, Megan!

Arm party!
Bracelets and Watch: JCPenny and stolen from my little sisters.....

Today's outfit.....I know, I know, same day outfit on the blog, no applause necessary!!

No feet.....
Shirt and Cami: JCPenny, Skirt: Wal-Mart

.....here they are! No shoes, what a surprise!!!

 I was always torn between wearing a watch or a bracelet,  it seemed like to much to wear something on both wrists.....but then I saw a Fossil ad with a watch and bracelets on the same wrist and my world was changed!
Watch: Gift, Bracelets: ??????

I love the new color whisper line form Maybelline, Cherry on Top is the name of the color and it's exactly the summery pink I was looking for!
 Earrings: Shop-Ko, Necklace: Hobby Lobby