Friday, April 12, 2013


I would like to introduce all y'all to my new (to me at least!) PT Cruiser, Clark! Why Clark and not Christopher or Chrissy (for Doctor 9) or any other Doctor Who inspired name for this TARDIS Blue car? I tried different ones, including Madame Blueberry (Psych and Veggie Tales fans will appreciate that one!) But they didn't seem to fit. 

Then as I was once again setting off the car alarm because I had the audacity to unlock the door with the key and not the fob, I was grousing and fumbling trying to turn of the alarm and my sister, Becca, said I should name the car Clark, from Love Comes Softly. Because even though I didn't love the fob now, love would come softly and I eventually would learn to embrace the fob!

Long story short, the name fit! Clark is one of my top 5 favorite fictional heroes, if my husband could even be a little bit like him this gal would be over the moon excited!!!!!! Thus, my car was named!

 A summer breeze latte (Almond/Mint a very tasty combo!) 
Homemade English muffin bread with Nutella and smoked sea salt
 One very tasty breakfast!
A post is coming soon about the bread. I found the base recipe on pinterest and after a little tweaking now make all my family's bread from this recipe!

I been having an ongoing battle, and as the days get hotter it's becoming more and more "heated"!
( *wink* See what I just did there?) 
My bangs versus the humidity....I think the humidity is winning!