Thursday, April 18, 2013

Don't Stop Believin'

 Totally stealing this idea from Kelli over here at: Nothing Less Than Bread!

~I believe in sweet iced tea, specifically at this moment maple cream sweet iced tea, yum!

~I believe that one day I will get used to it being 80 and humid in April, but that day is not today!

~I believe in books and their ability to make me the best arm chair traveler there is!

~I believe in feather earrings and owls, oh yes I do! 

 (Shirt and Cami: JCP, Shorts: Venizia brand via Goodwill, Earrings: Wal-Mart)

~I believe in nail polish!

~By golly.....I do believe my fingers are crooked.....

~I believe in cranking the music up LOUD as I drive to and from work on almost empty freeways!

~I believe that my Lord and Savior has blessed me beyond measure with my family and the life He has seen fit to give me!

~I believe in arm parties!

~I believe in naps, but feel so guilty afterwards, I hardly ever take them!

~I believe that The Host was a pretty fantastic movie...and gosh darn it if it didn't make me cry even though I knew what was coming! If you like chick flicks this one is a must see!

~Though I do believe the book was better....but if you know me, that will hardly be a surprising thought! 

.....and last but not least I believe that my jump shots need some serious work! ;-)