Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I May.....

I may have received this lovely surprise in the mail from Hannah. It was a prize of sorts for participating in a blog event of hers awhile ago and I love it! I told her to surprise me and she did an excellent job!! I love the show and the music is amazing! =)

I may have gotten the CUTEST tea set ever for Christmas!
 Please say hello to Hootie (the pot) and the Blow Fish. Fish is pictured above, but Blow is a little camera shy and declined to be photographed! ;-) 

I may have discovered the single most delicious selection of teas in the world!! They are supposed to only be good for one cup of tea, but I brew it up in Hootie (who very nicely thought to come with his own fine mesh tea infuser) and my Mom and I can both have a cup and a warm up!

Seriously, you have to try these! My fav so far are the Apricot Amaretto and the Mojito Marmalade. They are all caffeine free, so they are great for night time too!

I may have finally broke down and bought this necklace.....what can I say besides, I love Doctor Who!! ;-)
(Buy one of your own HERE)
I may be tempted to do something crazy to my hair....after all, it is one of the items on my ever growing bucket list and it's also one of the cheapest! All hair pictures are form Pinterest, love that site! ;-)
Love this, but shudder to think how many bleach sessions it would take to get my hair light enough!

Again, lots of bleach involved.....and while I might be crazy for wanting colorful hair, I'm not crazy enough to attempt to lighten my hair, I would end up bald! :-O 

These two on the other hand.....just may be doable! ;-)