Friday, January 6, 2012

Awkward and Awesome


(First one is epically long, sorry!)

~First day of work in the new year and my car (okay, my parents car that they graciously let me drive....his name is Torrie! The car, not my parents.....) anywhoo, back to the story.

There I was, minding my own business, while waiting for the little girl I nanny (Natilie) to buckle herself in. I put the key in the ignition and then....nothing....not even a little purr, just an odd whir click sound. I frantically kept turning the key, willing it to never may be able to movie mountains, but not car engines apparently!

I called my Mom, trying not to cry, then just as I discover that I am not on my parents Triple AAA account, I look back and see that Nolan (one of the boys I nanny) had fallen asleep with a piece of chocolate in his hands....yeah, just picture that ladies.....and me with only one small pack of tissues that have been floating around in my purse and are more smushed then usable.....

Three hours and some frantic driving on my Moms part later.....Not only did she have to go and fetch my younger sister from a house she's watching so she can watch  my younger siblings while my Mom comes and helps me, she also has to get to the school before the tow truck driver, our triple AAA card will only work if the card holder is there, AKA my Mom!

All I did was wait....and wait...and wait....wait it gets better, I just didn't sit there pathetically and wait while my Mom ran around town like super woman saving me! I also was overcome by a sudden urge to pee(movie theaters and waiting do it to me every time I tell you!), so I think I should be applauded for my heroic efforts to not kill the two kids in the backseat, one chocolate covered, but also at not becoming incontinent and further embarrassing my self! And no, the thought of using the schools bathroom never did acure to me.....

One really long afternoon  later, the car only needed a new battery and yes, I did make it to a bathroom in time! ;-) 

~The strong and ever increasing desire I have to find some third party person that knows enough about my life so no explanation of events and who people are is needed, but is not close to my life as to be super involved and have a good old rant fest followed closely by a long cry on their shoulder..... *sigh*


~Torrie is up and running again!!!!!! I never knew just how thankful I was for a car that starts untill it woudn't!!
~My super awesome Mom, thank you for always being there and being super amazing on Tuesday with the whole car deal!!!!!

~Pinterest. IS. Awesome!!!! Maybe a little to awesome.....I have been getting better though, I'm down to only a few visits a day now!