Monday, July 11, 2011

The Doctor

I have fallen in love with The Doctor......which Doctor you might ask? Well, he has no name. But, he does have an engagingly witty sense of humor, his big ears and nose only add to the charm of his lop sided grin and he travels through space and time in a blue police box called the Tardis. As you may have guessed, I am talking about Doctor Who!!

Christopher Eccleston plays The Doctor in season one of what I'm pretty sure is my new favorite show! The one problem? Only my normal pet peeve with British tv, the sound effects are SUPER loud and the talking is mumbly.....can someone please explain why this is?

I only have two episodes left before The Doctor dies somehow and regenerates to look like someone else.....

.....and I'm afraid I won't like the show as much.....

.....becuase in my opinion, Christopher Eccleston plays the part to perfection! But, since he's my first introduction to The Doctor who knows, maybe I'll like the next one even better!

Rose is his trusty sidekick and she hangs around for at least another season, I like her but can't look to close or she seems strangely....I don't know.....fake? Like she's had work done or something!

The Tardis is my favorite spaceship of all time, they are usually, spaceship-y looking.....What can I say? Normal Sci-Fi is not really my thing!

Best episode so far? It would have to be The Empty Child set, my Mom and I watched three episodes that night and my Mom (not Mum!) is not that into the show.....yet, I'm slowly converting her! =)


Becca, if you are reading this, you are SO not allowed to call Mom, Mum any more, got it?????

The current seasons (They are still making new ones) are all streaming on Netflix right now (I love Netlflix! I really, really do!) so get thee to a TV/computer and watch it!! =)