Monday, July 18, 2011

The Dance

The room was magnificent, from the brightly frescoed ceilings far above, to the shinning floor, which looked smooth as silk and almost glowed beneath the elegantly clad dancers feet. Heavy emerald drapes were pulled back from the windows, to show the first snow just beginning to fall…..

The man in the moon looked down and grinned as he spied, far below, a lone couple dancing in his softly glowing light. The man leaned in closer and slipped something on the girl’s finger, and then he softly hummed a special tune which made the girl sigh and lean into his shoulder. The moon turned away, embarrassed to have intruded…..

A white dress, flowers and one final dance as father and daughter before they would take that final walk and he gave his little girl away. She looks up at him and smiles; he tries to smile back, but can’t quite do it. The girl hugs him and they both begin to cry.....

Up and down, round and round…..a young mother softly sways as she tries to get her precious baby back to sleep. She smiles down at this amazing gift of love that God has given her, when she feels strong arms come around her middle. “How blessed we are,” a familiar voice softly whispers in her ear as they sway together, smiling down upon their child.....

Another white dress, another bitter sweet day as they watch their precious daughter dance with the love of her life. He stands and holds his hand out to her, grinning that grin that he knows she can’t resist. She shook her head anyway, not wanting to take the attention off of their girl. A few minutes later, a gasp filled the room as someone collapsed…..

“To dance, oh to dance once more,” the old women cried as she looked down at her lap, her legs unmoving beneath a colorful blanket. A single tear left her check and fell upon a picture held in her trembling hand. A young couple danced there, in a stately ball room, unaware that this would be only the first dance of many. Oh, if only she had said yes that fateful day…..

Light filled the room, waking the old woman up. She peered into the light and saw a figure walk out. He grinned that grin she couldn't resist and he held out his hand, just like he had that last day. She shook her head as tears filled her eyes and she gestured sadly toward her legs. Coming over, he grabbed her hand and pulled her out of bed. She gasped as she looked down at herself and saw not a gray, faded, flannel gown, but a rich silk ball gown of the brightest blue. She looked up at him and smiled, tears in her eyes once more. He softly began humming a special tune as he lead her into the light…..