Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I'm baaaaaaaaack!

Through a few comments on my blog asking where I was, I realized that I haven't posted it over a month.....maybe almost two months.....what can I say? I was getting depressed about no job and various other whinny complaints, such as a tree almost falling on our house and water suddenly pouring out of the light fixture in my little brothers room and I just didn't feel like blogging!

The tree got taken care of and we (and by we I mean what seems like every single plumber, drywaller, disaster clean up guy in the surrounding area) are still in the middle of cleaning up that mess! So, I fear until the parade of handy men stops walking through my picture taking area, outfit pictures will be rather non existent!

Ready for some good news? I got a job and what a job! I'm a night nanny and if you, like me, have no idea what that is when I read the ad for the job, you get paid to sleep near the kids in case they wake up, yep, you heard that right, I have a 40 hour a week job sleeping! Yes, they are three restless kids who all wake up at least once a night, but still, pretty cool right? Oh, and they travel a lot and always take at least 2 nannies with them, so cruises, and Disney World all might be in my future! =)

Now that I have a job I've started eyeing a few pieces I've spotted in my internet travels!

~Spring Wish List~

~This PURSE from Fossil

This DRESS (Which I just noticed is on sale....score!) 

THESE I love my current ones, but the screws are constantly coming loose and they keep bowing out so they are too wide for my already wide head! I will most likely never get these and even if I do, I will most likely once again come to the decision I don't like dark frames, but a girl can dream, can't she? Oh, and they have free at home try on, so no commitment needed!
(My Mom's eye is starting to twitch right now)

.....or Girl on Fire.....

.....or maybe even Misty Journeys, luckily she sells samples, so I can try them all before committing to a full sized one!

I found my favorite Cherry Rose tea on Etsy!

THIS sweater.....

.....and THIS one

This SKIRT.....

.....and THIS one!

And THESE in every color!